The kids were round this weekend, and generally behaved fairly well, dedicating most of the weekend to making various Fathers Day card and drawings, which was of course nice for me. For some reason I haven’t stopped eating the whole weekend. I don’t know if it’s just having the kids over, but I’ve had the munchies all weekend, and as a result have had lots of sugary stuff, including a large packet of Cadbury Caramel Nibbles (like chocolate buttons with a caramel interior, absolutely fantastic) and today I’ve had two large Dairy Milk “Bar and a half” bars. The result of this is that I’m shattered. I feel like I could fall asleep at any moment.

Work’s started slowly, with two potential loans due in this morning, both of which have blown out due to not having the right paperwork. That started my day off and it’s been slow ever since.

I brought a tv in to work over the weekend so that I can at least watch the football this week, especially as England are kicking off at 3pm on Wednesday with no thought for any poor sods like me that are working. At the moment I’ve got the Federer match on, and he was two sets down, but has just pulled one set back, and form what they commentators are saying, he’s back on the road to a decent victory. Time will tell.

This week itself is a slow one, with nothing much planned outside of work, aside from Alan coming down to stay. He was due to come on Friday, stay Friday and Saturday night and go Sunday. I had a couple of texts from him last week and his dad, who was 50 when Alan was born, and is now pushing 82, has been quite ill in hospital and spent some time in intensive care following a stroke. As a result it looks as though Alan will only be down on Saturday night, which in truth suits me just as much.

I then have the kids for a few hours on Sunday, and then on Monday I start a weeks holiday from work as Mel is going away and I am looking after the kid for a week. It’s something that I am equally looking forward to and dreading, as I love having them, but tensions get raised when they are around and it can generally be a rough ride.

Ten. after I have dropped them to school on the following Monday I am back to work, so I don’t even have a bit of a breather before starting over again. Poor planning on my part there, I think.

This is the view from my desk:

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