Althoug I appreciate that the heading to this blog post could relate to the banking sector, or just work in general, it’s actually aimed at something far more boring.

In recent weeks I have been doing my damnedest to eat more fruit and veg. I used to joke that I regularly ate the “5 per week” that was suggested, but there was a certain element of truth in that. Ok, 5 in a week was perhaps a low number, but I certainly wasn’t eating anywhere near the 5–a-day that the government suggests we all should.

A few weeks ago I started drinking an Innocent Smoothie each day, which was Strawberry and Banana flavoured. I say flavoured, but when you read the list of ingredients it’s actually made up of six or seven different types of fruit. Either way, a 250ml serving acts as two of the five-a-day. Added to that I have been having two or three types of veg with dinner as well as an apple and a couple of satsumas every day at work, and my overall intake is definitely much higher than it was previously.

This is unusual for me. I’ve never been a huge fruit eater. I don’t know whether it was because I wasn’t really given fruit as a kid, or whether (as my mum would insist) that I just turned my nose up at it. Certainly my kids are quite happy to eat just about any fruit that you give them, and they’ve all been the same since birth.

I had a sandwich early on today at around 11am, and after seeing a customer at work decided that I’d have my fruit a little later. As dull as it sounds, it breaks the day up a little and means that I don’t get starving hungry during the day.

As I took the second bite into my apple I saw a small brown spot in the middle of it, which didn’t look right. I pulled the apple apart and saw this:

Apologies that it’s on Twitpic, but that was the easiest way to do it at the time.

Rotten, all in the core. I threw the apple away and have emailed Tesco to have a moan and try and get some money back, but I now feel rough.

You don’t get this problem with a Galaxy bar or a packet of biscuits, that’s for sure.

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