I always think about the future. I have to. I have ideas and plans that I want to see come to fruition. I have a deep-set feeling that my life can be better than it is now, and better than it has been before. That’s not to say that every waking moment is spent planning how to make things turn out to my advantage, life is for living after all, not planning how you’ll be living in a few years, but I think it’s good to keep an eye on your goal.

I think it’s healthier to live in the moment, and certainly more fun. It’s not something I’ve ever been able to do fully. I’m definitely not the type to do what I want, when I want and to Hell with the consequences. I am very concious of my own mortality, more so these days when I have kids that depend on me. But it is nice to cut loose a little at times, and although I suspect that I will always be the one in the group of rowdy drinkers that takes a step back, takes it all in and stops short of finishing the drink that will make me throw up.

Plan for the future, live for now and hope that things turn out the way you want them to. And I think a healthy amount of karma helps too.

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