Everyone seems to be going England mad. I’m sitting in the Starbucks in Chelmsfords shopping centre, High Chelmer, and just about every other person is wearing an England top, or has a flag of some kind draped around their neck. All of the shops are being patriotic and buying in to the jingoistic World Cup fever, and all over Twitter and Facebook all anyone is talking about is the competition.

I put a status update on Facebook: “England vs USA tonight! Loser cleans up the oil.” and within minutes people were pasting it on to their own status (not that I mind, I’d nicked it from Sickipedia).

Even the shopping centre that I am in is embracing the World Cup, and has suspended a 12ft high football in the ceiling in the middle of the shopping centre.

Money’s tight at the moment but I’m sorely tempted to nip to the local tonight to watch the game and soak up the atmosphere. I don’t think that England will go on to win the World Cup, so if there’s a decent atmosphere at any time it’ll be now, before we play badly and people are more reserved.

Or maybe I’ll just save my money as my mate Alan is visiting in 2 weeks, which coincides with the last 16 games, and we can go out and hopefully see England play then.

Decisions, decisions…

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