Walking home from the indoor play area that’s about a twenty minute stroll from home, Aaliyah, who turns 8 in August, made an “Ewwww!” noise. I tried to ignore it as a sideways glance told me that she was still alive and kicking, but to no avail.

“Dad,” she wailed slightly, “I just trod in a strawberry.”

I looked again and she was examining the bottom of her flip flop, which had a very definite red splodge on the bottom of it.

“It won’t kill you, don’t worry about it.” I replied. She’d scraped the most of it off already, and besides, it was beginning to cloud over and as we were all dressed in shorts, I didn’t fancy getting caught in a shower.

“I suppose,” she responded, having considered my answer for a few seconds. She then turned to Brooke, who celebrated her 6th birthday last week and who Aaliyah knows is alergic to strawberries.

Clearing her voice slightly, she announced “Brooke…” Brooke stopped and looked round as Aaliyah continued, “DON’T lick my shoe!”

Wise advice, of course, but now I’m left wondering how many pieces of footwear find their way to Brookes mouth.

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