There’s a few things in life that can lead to a great buzz. I dare say there’s loads more that I’ve chosen not to embrace (having just finished My Booky Wook by Russell Brand, he paints an incredibly attractive view of heroin, for example).

It’s the simple things that are the best though. Take yesterday. A cup of coffee and a two minute meeting with Emma had me giggling all day, and put me in a great mood. It was totally unexpected and enormously welcomed.

But the buzz I really love is the National Lottery. I’m not a betting man by nature, and though I’ll partake in the odd horse race or dog race (partake as in bet, not partake as in racing Happy Little Oaf round the track at Romford), I don’t get any huge joy from watching races. Even when I bet on football, my emotions are always tied to the match, rather than the result or the goal scorer.

But I try to play the National Lottery as and when I can. I play it online, which gives me the benefit of not having to check the results. This is because the National Lottery check online tickets and email you when yo’ve won.

There really is no greater feeling than waking up on a Sunday morning, checking the secondary email account that is linked to my lottery tickets and seeing the subject line: “Good news about your Lottery ticket”, especially when you’ve just heard that someone in Britain won the treble rollover or the Euromillions jackpot.

Images rush through your mind as you begin think that there is a possibility you have won big. You know from past experience that the email indicates you’ve won something, but you don’t know how much. And for a few seconds I pretend that it’s the big one. No more work. No more money worries. My own place and a decent car, followed very quickly by a lovely holiday somewhere.

In truth, barring a £70 win a year or so ago, the emails have only ever been about a £10 win on the Lottery or a £6ish win on the EuroMillions. Not that I mind too much, it’s still free money. And more than that, it’s allowed me a precious few seconds lost in a completely different world.

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