Things between Chelle and I have been funny for a few weeks. It’s a shame. I’ve known her for years and honestly felt that things would work out between us when we started dating. But, for whatever reason, things didn’t go as smoothly as they could have, and things seemed to come to an end. After going away to Bournemouth to take her kids to see their grandparents, I didn’t hear from her for a week.

I was waiting for her to text me, she never did, and I stubbornly decided that I would wait for her to contact me first. As time went on, it was over a week that went by without hearing from her, and I naturally assumed that this was a (admittedly crap) way of her breaking up with me.

On Saturday I got a text from her, out of the blue.

12.07 - from Chelle - Hey how did the training go this wk? U excited about starting properly on monday?

12.18 - from me - Hey you. It’s been a fairly boring week, but I closed my first two loans on Friday in Chelmsford despite having no systems, so that’s good. I’m looking forward to being fully up and running though. How’s your week been? x

12.25 - from Chelle - Well last wkend was exhausting being woken up by the sun rising at 5.15am wasnt fun especially as i wasnt going to bed til midnight. However ive now started getting up between 5.30am and 6am and get so much done! Tried a few new receipes this wk increasing my veg intake and reducing my carb intake! Lots of walking stil! Looked at that space cruiser with a mate of mine oh it was poo, so stil looking! Catching up with housework and ironing and enjoying the sunshine all good fun! Glad ur looking 4ward to being live on monday will make a difference!

12.35 - from me - Yeah, should be more fun at work now. Shame about that car, though as you say, at least you get the exercise from walking. So I take it we’re over. Did you break up with me and I’ve forgotten? Or are you watching and waiting for me to say something? 😉 x

12.38 - from Chelle - I havent broken up with u. Althou u havent spoken to me 4 over a wk now. Why is this?

12.41 - from me - You’ve been distant for a month, have barely kissed me the last few times we’ve seen each other and haven’t spoken to me for a week. Before that you were barely texting me. What was I supposed to think?

12.45 - from Chelle - Ive been ill and trying to ensure my kids have clothes on their baks! I cant do everything! Gaz wasnt giving me anytime so i was running around like a crazy person! I havent spoken to u this wk as i as hardly had any signal whilst i was down in bournemouth and when i returned u hadnt sent me one text, ive explained to u i do chasing! Look i dont want this to get all nasty. Ur a really good mate but i cant do anymore at the moment my time is so limited i just have enough time to sleep!

12.53 - from me - It’s not getting nasty Chelle. I think the world of you. I have done for ages, and although it sounds cliched I wouldn’t risk your friendship over anything. And I know you’ve been busy, but not even one text? You can’t deny that it looks as though you were making a point? x

13.03 - from Chelle - Huh? Making a point? I dont get it?

13.07 - from me - After three or four weeks where you’ve not been well, followed by a general lack of contact and then things not feeling right (even you said "what’s happened to us?" at one stage), it felt like you was being silent as a way of finishing things.

13.10 - from Chelle - Nope that wasnt the case, however like ive said before i do chase ppl! I dont have the time to chase ppl. I run around like a blue ass fly around my kids all day then by 8pm im exhausted and dont really think about anything but having a bath and going to bed to start my day again at 5.30am!

13.12 - from me - I’m not asking for constant attention. How have you felt about us the past week or so?

13.18 - from Chelle - I dont know to be honest i felt it probably isnt going in the direction i wouldve wanted. And then u not finding out whether i got to bournemouth ok was kinda like ok hes not bothered about this anymore, then i thought give him the wkend to see if he contacts me but u didnt. So i wasnt going to chase u, then i thought a wk thats crazy hence the text today. But at this moment in time i dont have the time to think about someone else apart from me and my kids, having a house is harder than i thought i need to get organised and i havent done that yet as ive put u over that, i cant do that. I have 2 give them a good example they havent been getting the best of me recently!

13.25 - from me - It sounds like you were thinking the same as me. I couldn’t believe that you hadn’t text me when you got to Bournemouth and stubbornly refused to text you as I thought that you were cooling off of the idea of us. But you’re right, it hasn’t been going as well as it was, and you need to put your kids first. Maybe one day things will work out better between us. Maybe. But for now, I’d rather be good friends than rubbish lovers, if you’re good with that? x

13.27 - from Chelle - Yeh thats cool with me! Glad we stil can be friends!

13.28 - from me - Me too, though isn’t that always easier said than done? Lol x

13.29 - from Chelle - Well were both adults! Im stil mates with all my exes! Im random thou im very different from the norm!

13.33 - from me - Why? Because you’re friends with your exes? x

13.37 - from Chelle - Yeh that isnt the done thing really now is it!lol!

And that’s how it is now.  We’ve swapped loads of texts since then, and we are getting on fine.  I meant what I said in my texts - that I felt a lot for her, and that I wanted to be friends, but even I know that I’m not likely to see much of her again, which is a shame.

As for her texts, well… Notice that all of mine end with a kiss, none of hers do.  Gaz is her ex, by the way.  What else?  Oh, she says twice that she "does do chasing".  I think she means "Does NOT do chasing".  

My line about "Did you tell me and I forgot?" was a dig at her getting really annoyed at my appallingly bad memory, and the "were you watching and waiting?" line was a dig at something she said when we first got together, where she said that she had been "watching, and waiting" for me to make the first move.
And that’s it.  I think I
could probably read more into things, but that’s a trait that I do too often as it is.  For now, things are what they are.
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