As of last Wednesday I am officially unemployed. And I hate it. I was quite happy being on Garden Leave, drawing a wage and doing sod all with my time. Now I need to find a job and trust me when I say that there is nothing out there that I want to do. I can’t ever remember having a job that I really loved doing. Sure, there have been times where I’ve enjoyed working with the people that I worked with, but even then I can’t ever recall getting up to go to work and feeling excited about the day, not for a long period anyway.

It’s even more annoying looking for a job these days as so few people seem to respond. I applied for 6 jobs yesterday (though I spent all afternoon looking and it felt like a lot more) and printed out details of 8 other jobs that I have applied for over the past month, and only two of those have got back to me. One is a High Street bank that uses an F1 driver in its adverts, and I had a ten minute phone conversation with them yesterday. They told me that they would let me know by email within 48 hours if I had progressed to the next stage. If I had, it would then be 4-6 weeks before they’d be able to progress. I don’t know if that meant to progress to the next stage, or progress to a job assuming I was successful in subsequent interviews. Either way, I don’t want to wait that long, and I’m not over enthralled with my experience of them last year, but beggars can’t be choosers.

The other company that got back to me is a national loan company with an office based in Chelmsford. It’s an Assistant Manager role, which is a step down, and lower wages than I get now, but it’s locally based and the sort of thing I am used to doing, so hopefully I’ll get on ok in the interview on Friday.

Other than that I am generally chucking out loads of applications to jobs that I *may* want to do. Throw enough mud and some of it will stick. In the meantime I am hoping my numbers come up on the lottery.

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