I took the kids to KidSpace last week in Romford, which is an indoor activity and play centre. It’s huge, full of lots of soft toys to play with, climb on and slide down, and also has an indoor go kart area, climbing wall and horrible Sky Walk suspended activities (Where the kids get attached to a moving safety rope and climb across rope bridges and the likes).

It cost a fortune to get in, almost £40 for me and the four kids, plus we spent about £20 on food and drinks, but they had a whale of a time. You’re only supposed to be in there for a couple of hours, but I think we clocked up about 5 hours in there, and they still didn’t want to leave.

As we were driving home, I asked the kids what had been their favourite part of the day. My ten year old said that the wall climbing had been fun, especially as she had been able to enter the wall-climbing race competition (which she was leading at one point! Until the second person to enter started to climb the wall… Oh well.) My 8 year old responded by saying that she enjoyed the wall climbing too, and also the go karts.

Meanwhile, my six year old pondered over her answer, and decided that she had liked the entire day at KidSpace.

“My favourite bit was Homebase for Kids” she told me proudly.

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