I’m getting there.

Despite my initial plan to only go down the gym at a very early time when no one else would be there, I find that some days laying in is just too nice. As a result, I’ve actually been to the gym at 9.30am when there’s more than a couple of others there.

I never have been a fan of exercise, let alone dragging my body through it’s sweaty paces in front of others, but the more I go, the more I see people who look over 60 pedalling on the bikes or looking confused at the abs machine that resembles a roller coaster seat, which makes me feel less self-concious about being there myself.

I guess I’m lucky in so much that Chelmsford is actively promoting it’s “Get fit” scheme for those that live a fairly sedentary life, and those recovering from injury. As I qualify under the latter (damn knee!), it’s been ideal for me to get used to going to the gym.

So far so good this week as well, and I’m proud to say that I’ve been three times this week already, which was my aim, and so far not only has it not killed me, it hasn’t even put me off of going again in the future. More than that, I find myself upping the settings that have been entered for me, by which I mean lifting slightly heavier weights, or putting the treadmill on a faster setting and an incline.

I can’t say I feel any better for it all though, and I suspect that even long term I won’t “feel” better, and will only continue to go in the belief that it IS good for me. Tasha asked me earlier if I felt any better, and I explained that I hated getting up early to go to the gym, hated being in the gym, hated the exercise while I was there, but that I did have an overwhelmingly smug feeling when I left that made me want to wind down the windows in my car and scream to everyone “Why yes! Funny you should ask, I HAVE been to the gym today…”

I think that’s five times in two weeks I’ve managed to drag my sorry backside there. Hopefully I can keep that up. Next step is to start eating a little better, which means laying off the chocolate and biscuits that have been my weak spot for over thirty years.

On the plus side, it’s all doable!

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