Swimming pool? It’s just a very big bath!

by DannyUK

Would you forget if you had a swimming pool or not? As I was wandering through the High Street in Chelmsford the other day, part striding, part slipping on the ungritted parts of the street that my feet seem to seek out easily, I spotted a newsagents. “


Aha!”, I thought, perhaps a little over-dramatically, “I need milk!”

Me being me, I stood and thought about it. Two pints would set me back more than a quid in this shop. It’d be far cheaper to go to Tesco, even though it was a five-minute walk through snow and ice.

As I pondered whether to buy the milk or not, completely ignoring the fact that I think nothing of spending £2.50 on a milky coffee whereas I agonise over spending less than half of that on milk itself, which will last much longer than one drink, I spotted a set of adverts which seem to adorn the windows of newsagents up and down the land.

In particular, I saw this one:

An advert for a house to rent where they seem to forget whether they have a swimming pool or not. Photo taken by DannyUK of DannyUK.com

Whoops. I won’t rewrite the whole ad, I’ll just cross through that bit…

What I love about this is that they have crossed out the “swimming pool” bit.

It’s as though they’ve sat down, drawn up their advert and just as they are going out of the door to pay Mr Newsagent whatever it costs to display, someone’s suddenly blurted out: “Egads!” (Yes, ‘Egads’. This is my story, so I get to choose the exclamations.) “We no longer HAVE a swimming pool! It was filled in, covered over and is now a rockery!”

Forgetting that you DON’T have a swimming pool. I love this town.


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