The new laptop didn’t come with Microsoft Office, and although I can use Google Docs, I must admit that my first instinct is always to load Word first. There’s a trial copy of Office on the laptop which I can use for 60 days, but then have to upgrade. So instead I am using TeamViewer for the first real time, which allows me to log onto my pc at home remotely, where I have Office installed already, thus saving me the trouble of loading it on the laptop.

Today feels like a strange day. Everyone seems to have gone a little mad as we had a small snow flurry yesterday, and now there are predictions that we’ll have a foot of snow tomorrow, and also a white Christmas. As excited as everyone gets, we all know that the excitement will be followed by annoyance at the country grinding to a halt again, and then we’ll have a week of that crappy black slushy ice everywhere. Yuk. Oh well, we can’t control the weather so what will be will be.

I’ve been trying to shed some weight over the past few weeks, and once again have given up chocolate and biscuits. I say given up, but the correct term to use would actually be “drastically reduced”. I have always been blessed with the ability to eat packets of biscuits in one sitting, even having to force myself to eat the last two or three, despite feeling full and sick, because there’s no point having so few biscuits left in a packet. This has meant that, due to an appalling resolve on my part, I have had to stop buying biscuits. And chocolate bars. And ice cream. I take the view that, if it’s not there, then I don’t have the temptation.

So far it seems to be working. In about 4 weeks I have lost just over a stone, though with the crappy scales that I use at home, this could realistically be somewhere between half a stone and one and half stone, but there’s definitely a loss there. Marina has remarked that I look slimmer, and asked if I noticed any difference myself, and a day or two later my mum said that I looked slimmer, adding that my”breats weren’t as full as they were before”. I’d love to say I was making that last bit up, but it’s true, word for word.
I’ve been following a Weight Watchers plan, which Marina has kindly looked into and helped me with. I’m allowed 31 points each day, and every time I eat or drink something I let Marina know and she works the points out. I have to say that it’s the most boring thing in the world, watching what you eat.

To give you an example, a Mars Bar is about 6 points, a Starbucks full fat large latte is about 4.5 points and a cheese and ham toastie is 6 points. Any main meal that you have that involves meat and potato seems to come out at abou 10-12 points (chips on their own are 6), which all sounds doable, but it leaves very little room for treats.

I’m supplementing this by trying my best to walk to town as often as I can. I have December off of work, and endeavour to get to town three times per week, It’s 1.5 miles each way, and the return journey is up hill which makes the return home a pain in the backside. That said, this is the third time today that I have walked to town this week that I can remember, and I also did a fair amount of walking with Marina when in Ely, and the journey seems to be getting a little easier, even if I am sweating like a paedophile in Toys R Us by the time I get home.

Yesterday I told my mum that I loved her, and that I was sorry I rarely tell her that. She responded by telling me in a jokey manner that it wasn’t s=o much rarely as never, which is true, and I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she can be a pain in the arse, which is why! This conversation came after having spoken to Marina a few nights ago, when we had been talking about our parents and their various illnesses and how they are, in reality, sick enough to pass away at any given moment. Although mum looks fairly healthy, I know her heart is in a bad way, and although she’ll probably end up outliving me, there’s also every chance she could keel over at any given moment. I told her that I’d miss her when she goes, and for some reason the conversation was interrupted and petered out, thus avoiding anything too cringeworthy.

I’m sure there’s more going on at the moment, but that could just be because i have a shedload of wrapping to do and a Christmas party tomorrow night, followed by a weekend with the kids.

I’m off to see West Ham play Portsmouth on Boxing Day, my first match in at least four or five years. The original plan was to take James and Tasha with, as James is a West Ham fan, and I know Tasha would tag along, and also take Marina who is not really a football fan, but again would tag along with me. Tasha said she was up for it, and to get an extra ticket for her dad, who is a Hammers fan too, only to tell me after I’d ordered and paid for 5 tickets that James could only see his kids on Boxing Day, and that they couldn’t go. Now I’m taking Marina and mum, and looking to sell or return the two remaining tickets. I can’t say I was overly happy with Tasha, but shit happens and I shouldn’t lose out too much. I’m not sure how I’ll enjoy it with mum and Marina there, as neither are huge fans, and I know mum will no doubt embarrass me, but it’ll be good to see a match and I hope they both enjoy themselves.

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