Well I’ve not long dropped the kids off at various places, and the weekend is officially over. I’m trying to think of a good word to describe them, and I think that this weekend can safely be filed away under the heading “testing”.

There weren’t any huge arguments, or massive fall outs, but there was a lot of tension and small digs going on which, coupled with Charisma’s capacity to strop and Chance not feeling well, led to a few shouting matches, which I joined in. I didn’t give it a thought about how loud or how often I was shouting, but it must have been loud and often as my voice started to go last night. A decent night’s sleep has seemed to fix that, and though we had our normal Monday morning rush made worse by the fact that Chance was unwell and running a temperature, Brooke couldn’t snap out of a sleepy mood for an hour, and twenty minutes before we were due to leave, as the kids were all getting in the bath, we realised that Aaliyah didn’t have any school uniform.

A quick call to Mel, and a 2 minute stop at hers to rectify this and we were on our way to school, running late, but not too late. We arrived there in time to meet Charisma’s friends and their mums who were all hanging around. Fortunately no one noticed that Chance was missing (having been told that nursery was shut in order to keep him pacified at not going in, and therefore he stayed with Mel.) Equally they also didn’t notice that Charisma had decided to wear Hannah Montana socks to school instead of the regulation white socks with blue trim. Or that Brooke was wearing white and pink trainers as her school shoes have broken. Whether I normally arrive looked quite so dishevelled, I don’t know, but nothing was said and soon all three girls were dropped into school without problem, barring Aaliyah who burst into tears, insisting that Brooke had accused her of swearing when she hadn’t, and asking to go in via the office, where we were met by a teacher. “Monday morning blues” I explained, to which the teacher told Aaliyah “Ahh, that’s fine, I often feel that way too” before taking her by the hand and leading her in to school.

The two eldest had parties to go to at different times on Sunday, so I feel as if the weekend had run past and we’ve done very little. The long standing plan to meet Lisa went out of the window as I realised that although I’d thought about dropping the girls off, I’d failed to include in my plans a time to pick them up.

The highlight for the girls this weekend seemed to be watching me step on one of Chance’s toy cars, which had three pieces of wood sticking up from it, making it feel to me as though I were stepping on a plug. I still bear the scars.

My highlight came while we were watching Brainiac this morning. A very good looking brunette appeared on screen, and keen to know who she was I turned to Aaliyah, who watches the show every day.

“Who’s that Aaliyah?”

Aaliyah replied “She looks like someone, but it’s not her.”

Brilliant, thanks for that. And I’m still none the wiser.

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