9.15am in town and Chelmsford is already busy. A walk in through Moulsham Street was fairly quiet, and taking my usual position in Starbucks was easy as there was only a few people in here. Thirty minutes later and although it’s not packed, it’s busier than normal.

I love Christmas. Everyone happy and looking forward to a break from work. I hate the crowds that go with it though. Walking at half the usual pace due to everywhere being crammed with shoppers who can’t seem to walk more than 3 steps without stopping. Yet if I elbow an 80 year old woman in the mouth for doing it three times in a row, apparently I’m to blame? How does that work!

Starbucks are setting up a canopy outside, and carrying loads of stuff out there. All the staff are wearing santa hats, halos or reindeer antlers and looking surprisingly positive given how cold it is. There’s a market in full swing set up in the middle of the pedestrianised High Street and I think the town is settling in for a bloody busy weekend. That wouldn’t bee too bad but for the fact I need to take the kids into town over the weekend to buy a birthday card and gift for Marina. If there’s one thing worse than a packed town at Christmas, it’s a packed town at Christmas when I’m there trying to control four kids. Still, it needs to be done, so I may get them to town early tomorrow to do that.

On the list of things to do this weekend, the trip to town comes below going to see Chance be a sheep in his nursery play. The outfit looks cute, but God knows how they can co-ordinate a group of under-5s into any semblence of a play. We also need to go and see Lisa tomorrow, which is something I arranged weeks ago, and I’m sure there’s more that’s pencilled in.

Next week is busy for me too. I’m in Ely with Marina for a few days at it’s her birthday, so we’re going out for a big meal with a huge group of her friends on Tuesday. It’s her birthday on Wednesday and then we’re seeing Jimmy Carr on Thursday, so that’s the whole middle of the week sorted. I just hope I don’t get fed up with her, which is something that tends to happen if I spend too long around someone - It happens often if I spend more than half a day with my best mate Alan. It happens if I’m in Tasha’s company too long (though that’s fixed with a quick “You’re boring me now, so I’m going home”) but Marina knows me well enough to not take offence if I get distant. Well, I think she does. Fingers crossed.

Guess I’d better make a move back home soon, as I need to go food shopping. I worked out that walking a mile burns 66 calories, so given than it’s a 3 mile round trip, that should burn off the coffee I’ve just had, right? Right??

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