Well, this is dangerous. Sat in Starbucks in town, with a new netbook (£380 in total, although mum kindly put half towards it as a Christmas present) which is pretty nifty. Windows 7, 11.6″ screen, 3GB memory and a 250Gb hard drive. The processor is an Intel Celeron 743 processor, and though that means nothing to me as I’m used to seeing dual core 2.1 etc, it has a faster MHz than any of the other netbooks. At the end of the day it works well enough.

So the dangerous thing? Starbucks do free wifi with their Starbucks card, which means I have a very good internet connection almost everywhere, and this netbook is light enough to carry around in a rucksack, meaning I could be online all the time. This is bad as there’s only so much Twittering and Facebooking I think I can do, and God forbid I should do anything productive with my time online!

The only downside to the netbook is that it has no cd or dvd drive, which means I need to get a standalone drive should I want to install anything, or find a way of getting by without one. Hmmm… Virtual drives may be the way forward!

I applied recently on a website called Retail Eyes, which is a mystery shopper site. The first assignment is done to see how you get on, so I decided to mystery shop Krispy Kreme doughnuts in Lakeside. There was a three page questionnaire to fill in about the job, so I dutifully read through it all, bought the doughnuts (a minimum of 5 was specifically mentioned), which the cashier said would be as cheap to buy 6, and only £2 more to buy 12. I decided to buy 12 so I could treat the kids at a whopping £9.95, along with a couple of drinks for me and mum, and the bill came to £13.20.

When I got home and updated the info online I noticed that there was a “maximum spend” of £8, which I had’t noticed before, so God knows if I’ll get my money back on it s I have essentially not done it properly. Sod it!

Fingers crossed it’ll all be ok. If so, they tend to have a lot of food shops come up, which means there’s a chance I can get myself a free lunch whenever I’m on the road.

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