Every so often I feel the need to put a pun in the Subject title.  Today’s is poor, and I apologise.

Yesterday I went to see the Acute Knee Injury Specialist at Broomfield Hospital.  He took some notes down about my knee, how the injury occurred, what had happened (including being the first to take note that although the injury happened on a badminton court, it wasn’t caused by badminton) and then proceeded to push, pull, twist and contort my leg in a variety of ways.

After ten minutes of non-stop prodding, he said that there didn’t seem to be a great deal wrong with the knee, and asked if, when the knee locked, whether my kneecap had slipped.

I said that this is what I’d attributed the pain to after the first incident, but when it happened a second time I took time to examine my kneecap and it was definitely in the right place.  The physio then explained that it could well have been the kneecap slipping out and back into place quickly, which the brain interprets as a slipped kneecap and locks the knee accordingly.  

The last thing he asked me to do was to strip naked (ok, I’m joking about the nude bit, but I can’t help thinking that would have been funny to retell) and whilst sitting on the seat, my legs swaying about 2 inches off the floor, to push against him with my left leg.  I could feel him pushing against my leg as I pushed my leg out, but the only movement from him was a slight sway backwards and his body felt my leg push.

He then did the same with the right leg, and as he leaned against it and told me to push, I extended my right leg and the seat that he was in, which had five wheels on it, sailed away from me.

He explained that my right leg was far stronger than the left, though he wasn’t able to say if that had always been the case or whether it had changed in the few weeks since the injury to my left knee, and that he would arrange for some physio to strengthen the muscles around the left knee so that I could get back to playing badminton in 6-8 weeks.

And that’s where I stand at the moment.  I should get a physio referral in a couple of weeks, and hopefully can start getting my knee better.

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