What is it about the rain that makes the roads so busy? It’s almost as if everyone has been taught that being in the rain makes you shrink, and as a result everyone crams into cars to make the five minute journey to town or school or wherever. It’s not just everyday pedestrians that are to blame though. Even the most experienced of drivers can, in the yet weather, lose all sense of perception and therefore choose to drive twice as slow, yet seemingly still as haphazardly, as normal.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, I’ve been stuck in traffic this morning. It’s taken an hour and a half to cover an area I could normally do in half that time. I decided to take a really early lunch, at 10am, and I find myself sitting in a packed Costa, stuck with the cold seat by the window because, again, it’s wet outside and therefore the 40 odd chairs outside are left redundant.

Rain sucks.

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