I really feel like I’m falling apart at the moment.  My right ankle and left knee still feel battered and bruised and I’m beginning to wonder if they will ever feel better, and this afternoon I came down with a huge migraine which, after many tablets and an hours sleep seems to have finally dwindled to "bad headache" status.  Added to that the general feeling of crapness and I don’t know if I am coming or going.  

I went to Cardiff over the weekend with Marina, who was running the half marathon there.  On the back of going to and from Sheffield last weekend and I think I’m back to being knackered all the time.  I’ve never been too good at doing loads of activity at once, and just the return journey for Sheffield seemed to cause my body to ache all over, which is nothing new after a long weekend for me, and I ended up having Thursday and Friday off of work as a result.  I have the kids this weekend, which I hope will be a fairly easy and painless experience, though it’ll probably be the exact opposite as that’s the day they start their half term.  After that I have a week off myself, and as yet have no real plans aside from having the kids for a few hours on Tuesday night and Wednesday night.  I should use the week to catch up on stuff, like various bits of paperwork, chasing solictors and sending the often-mentioned, rarely-actioned script to someone.  I will probably use the weekend to charge my batteries and catch up with some rest instead.

Cardiff was nice enough.  Marina has friends who live there, so we stayed with them on Saturday night, driving home in the early hours of Monday morning.  Marina achieved a time of 2hrs 33mins for the half-marathon, which I think is pretty decent.  It got me thinking about how I’d always wanted to run a marathon, but have never had the dedication needed to do so.  It’s still something I’d love to do, but still something that I’d never commit to!

Work is as boring as ever.  I have an absolute shed load of visits to do this week, and need to get as much done as I can before having next week off, or it’ll carry over for everyone else in the office to do, which is no great problem, but it’d be nice to leave them with very little to do in way of my work load.  There are rumours going around that the company is closing for good in January, and that they’ll lay us all off soon.  To be honest I couldn’t care less at the moment.  I still think I can get a job elsewhere, even if I didn’t find one in the last 90 day garden leave period.  

That’s it for now for this blog entry.  I wanted to write something (anything!) as I feel as though I want to be creative, but instead it’s just been a bit of a brain fart update.  I have loads to say, but no real wont to write down anything.  Lazy, huh? 

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