I sent round a text to a few friends a couple of weeks ago:

"If we woke up naked together, using only 3 words what would you say to me? ? Pass it on to both genders!! Caution. This gets really funny. Make sure u reply"

Obviously it was a text that had been sent to me, hence the appalling grammar and badly spelt words, but I forwarded on nonetheless, and got the following replies:

Teresa (woman I used to work with in Chelmsford - married, but a notorious flirt) "Morning, sleep well!"

Mel (soon to be ex-wife): "Oh fucking hell! 😉 x"

Lisa (best friend of 12 years) "This is bad. . . ."

Tasha: "Have you farted? Lol x"

Nik (ex from ten years ago, and occassional flirt): "Pregnancy Test NOW! x"

James (friend I used to work with in Chelmsford who sent me the original text): "You filthy animal"

Jo (Married woman from work that flirts an awful lot: "is that it~??", and then, when pressed, changed her answer to "YES! YES! YES!"

It made me laugh that almost everyone I sent it to replied, and not one person gave the reply I was expecting: "It’d never happen, so there would be no words!"

And strangely, I think Nik possibly had the best and most accurate answer!!

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