It’s sods law. As soon as you set your sights on a place, another one comes along in a nicer location at a cheaper price. Looking on RightMove yesterday I saw a one bedroom flat which is a five minute walk from town, and it’s available for £11k less than I am paying now. It says it is need of complete modernisation, but I’m looking to do that anyway with the place I’m bidding on now.

Part of me wants to complete ignore it and pretend I haven’t seen it.

Another part of me wants to borrow additional funds so that I can buy, do up and let the new place, and a third part wants to go and view it with a possibility of dumping the one I’ve gone for now and getting this one instead.

The more I think about it, the more I’m inclined to go and look at the place. I can’t remember if the new one is free hold or lease hold, but I know the one I’m bidding on now is lease hold which I’m not overly keen on.

Before I checked Right Move last night, I’d been thinking about the new place. It occured to me that I should make a list of everything I need to buy, seeing as it’ll be the first place I’ve moved into alone and as such I have nothing that I’ll be taking with me, furniture or furnishings wise.

It was a depressing exercise as the costs escalated. Kitting out a house isn’t cheap, and I predict that a lot of stuff will be second hand. Lisa offered me a sofa bed yesterday, which will be handy for when the kids stay over.

And I suspect I’ll be making the most of Freecycle, but although it’s all quite daunting, and it’ll be a stretch cost-wise, I should be able to cope.

I’m flitting between excitement at the prospect of moving and terror. The mortgage offer was accepted by the mortgage company yesterday, though they haven’t asked any questions about the existing mortgage on Mel’s place which is strange, but that should go through without a problem, and I could have the money in as soon as a fortnight, which I’ll believe when I see.

Until then I need to concentrate on work, and then on getting any extra works done on the new place as and when it goes through. Until then I reserve the right to worry!




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