Well I viewed the new flat.  I couldn’t resist going to see it.  At £70k it had the potential to be a bargain.

The flat itself was flat E, and it was an old semi detatched house that had been converted.  The outside looked terrible, overgrown tress, bushes and weeds, as well as badly finished and part-finished brickwork. 

From the outside it wasn’t easy to see which flat we’d be looking at, though there seemed to be a decent looking flat tagged on to the back of the building, almost like a purpose built bungalow.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the one we was there to see, and after meeting the estate agent and being taken in through the locked communal door, it was apparant straight away that this was a building project that had run out of money.  

Just inside the entrance was a concrete stairway consisting of ten or so steps, leading towards a second, wooden staircase.  At the top of the wooden staircase was a hallway, on the left hand side of which was the door leading to the flat.  Due to a mix up with the keys, the estate agent had to go an collect some extra keys from the office, and let mum and I have a poke round the rest of the building.  Although there were no other doors anywhere, there were plenty of doorways, and it was easy to identify two seperate flats on that floor, each of which were part finished.

Once the estate agent returned with the correct set of keys, we made our way up yet another staircase to the flat itself.  It was a small flat, with a joint kitchen / lounge that had a small triangular window in one wall, and a couple of skylights as the only source of natural light.  The flat itself was completely bare, and the space left for the kitchen part of the lounge / kitchen was 7ft across, but looked unlikely to fit more than a cooker and a couple of cupboards in.

The bathroom was fitted with a bath, and had plumbing for a sink and toilet which weren’t yet installed, and my head scraped the ceiling, meaning it was only a couple of inches over 6ft high.

Lastly, the bedroom again was bare, and although this room had a sensible window, it unfortunately looked out across the apex roof of the flat below, and what little view there was seemed to consist of a building site next door.

Overall it seemed to me to be a place that you could buy, fit out cheaply and rent out to someone.  In truth, considering it was a warm morning, the flat was cold, which fitted the poor energy rating that the flat was given on the property website.  It had potential, but didn’t appeal to me, especially given that to get to the flat you needed to come through a communal area that was missing doors, had plasterboards missing from the walls and even had a scaffold pole sticking through the hallway wall, with 4ft of the pipe showing indoors, and another 4ft showing outside.

All in all it was a definite no, but it was good to go and view it as it put into perspective the flat that I’m already bidding on.

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