It’s been a strange few weeks. Since the interview with Abbey, I have lost all get up and go, which is a shame. I’m looking for jobs online but can’t find anything that even remotely appeals right now. Chatting briefly with my mate (and ex-manager) Derren a few days ago and he mentioned that the bank were still looking for someone to cover the Essex area for collections, and that if I came back I’d still be eligible for the ninety day garden leave should (or rather "when") the company goes on to lay everyone off next year.

I’ve emailed the people at Head Office to ask for more details, and right now that’s looking like a good option for me, not least as it’s an easy job, but also because things should be a lot better next year in terms of finding a job. I hope. I’m still not definitely decided, but it’s an option at least.

And also I’ve finally got around to getting a new phone. An LG Viewty Smart. My beloved Nokia N95 is on it’s last legs. The screen has lines trailing across the bottom which came about a few weeks ago when the phone was used in the rain, and in the past week I’ve had the web access fail, though fortunately I can still use Opera to access the net on the go, and it’s taken to restarting itself every couple of hours which is a pain.

The phone should have cost over £200 based on my last three months worth of bills, or £150 based on my last six months, but somehow the guy at Orange got it down to £47 quid without me losing the monthly 33% discount I get after having a friend at Orange set up my account as an Orange staff family member account. The phone should arrive tomorrow, the same day I am expecting 100 magnets through the post. Can anyone else see them being delivered together and the latter screwing up the former?!

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