I’m reading a book at the moment called "Wasting Police Time" which is a book written by an anonymous copper basically detailing his day to day findings. In it he details how frustrating it is that there is so much paperwork to deal with, citing that an average arrest involves four to six hours of paperwork. That’s almost an entire shift! How ridiculous. It’s times like this that I wished I knew the system better. There must be a way of cutting down the amount of time needed to arrest someone?

As the book progresses, I find myself getting more and more annoyed and frustrated by it all. The extract I’ve just read explains that if you suffer a "hot" burglary (ie, if your house is broken in to while you are at home), you are only allowed to use reasonable force to evict the burglers. That is, you can only match them. If they have a gun, you can use a gun too, though any courts will apparently want to see the gun used on you first before you return fire. Equally if a man is unarmed, you cannot pick anything up to defend yourself.

I don’t know about you but if I was woken in the night by someone snooping around my house, my instinct would tell me to pick up something heavy or blunt and take it to the guy. He’s trespassing after all, and I’ll bet his intent wouldn’t be on checking out the colour scheme in the lounge.


Interestingly, 50% of all burglaries in the UK are "hot" compared to just 13% in the US, where, incidentally, they have the right to protect themselves fully in their own homes. Makes you think, huh?

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