I’m waiting in Starbucks to meet Teresa as I write this. She’s due at 10.30, though (and I apologise for the sweeping statement) like most women her sense of time keeping is flaky at best. I wouldn’t mind so much if I hadn’t been running round like a blue arsed fly to try and get here on time.

I decided to nip down to a new petrol station this morning that’s about ten minutes from home. They offer Bio Diesel, which from what I can work out is diesel made from used vegetable fat oil, collected from the hundreds of take away outlets in the area. At 90p per litre it’s ten pence cheaper than anywhere else, and the write up says that the only downside is a faint smell of chips as you drive. So far I’ve done about five miles since filling up and it’s been ok. The test will come later when I drive seventy miles to Ely.

For the first time ever I can get diesel at a cheaper price than petrol, with the added bonus that if it’s bad for the car it’s a hire car and therefore it doesn’t matter so much to me. Yay! It’s win-win!

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