Going to the Beer Festival in Chelmsford this year was an idea that came about a few months back, and with this firmly in my mind as a "must do" for the year, I found myself there last night sampling some of the 300+ beers on offer.

Although Chocolate Orange is nice as a chocolate bar, whoever had the idea to put it in beer form should be shot. I’m not too sure what I was expecting, but it was a bitter taste of cocoa rather that the sweetness I was expecting, and the citrussy orange taste was practically non-existant. At 6.5% volume it wasn’t the weakest on offer, though Woodforde’s Head Cracker (7.0%) and Green Jack’s Ripper (8.5%) were both sampled and proved the rule that stronger beers generally taste bad.

Despite the disappointment at there being no chocolate beer left by the time we got there, we managed to try the banana beer as well as the cherry beer, the former tasting like the banana anti biotics I remember having as a kid, the latter tasting just like Cherry Drop sweets.

The best thing though? No hangover 🙂

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