Had a couple of funny texts through today, which I thought I’d share:

Talking to Mel about various things, including sex:

Mel: LOL You have probably had more sex than me though!
Dan: Possibly.  You’re probably having more sex with other people though LOL

With my old boss, Derren, on hearing that I was quite happy not working:

Dan: Not looking for a new job.  I feel very let down by the company and have done for a while, so am glad to be out now.  I may change my mind if I remain unemployed past September though LOL
Derren: Well remeber when I just pay for a burger, fill the bag up LOL

And with Tasha:

Tasha: My God, just saw someone that’s the spit of my ex John.  Thought it was him and nearly passed out in the middle of Morrisons!
Dan: Ahhh.  Yet MORE reasons to shop at Morrisons!

Ok, none of them are comedy gold, but they were all exchanged in a thirty minute period, and seeing as it’s all off the cuff, it made me smile.

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