I’m tired.

Many a time I have uttered those two words. So much so, that I daren’t say them in front of mum any more as all I’ll get back is a sarcastic “You’re always tired” jibe.

But more so today than normal. The tablets have finished now, so I have lost whatever artificial high they gave me last week, and it’s been a rough 24 hours which has taken it out of me.

Mum came home from a morning of shopping yesterday complaining that she didn’t feel too good. It’s a complaint that she can often have, invariably when she has overdone it. I think her body kicks in and has a way of telling her to slow down. She made herself a cup of coffee, and I rattled around her getting her to sort out and discard of a bunch of books that were in my room.

About twenty minutes after getting in, she said she needed a lay down and sat on the sofa, bringing her legs up too. Within a couple of minutes she had slipped into semi consciousness and had also turned very grey. I asked if she wanted an ambulance (not sure why I gave her the option) and was on the phone to 999 in no time.

Ten minutes later we had an ambulance at the door for the second Tuesday in a row.

After giving mum an aspirin and running an ECG, the ambulance crew said that there wasn’t too much wrong with the reading, and were debating whether to take mum to hospital or not. They decided that they’d best be on the safe side, and so at 4pm we were on our way to A&E.

To cut a long story short, they decided to keep mum in overnight for observations. She was looking and feeling fine even before leaving the house, so was upset to be kept in, especially as when she had a similar turn in 2004, which turned out to be a heart attack, she was taken to hospital and didn’t come out for six weeks, and that was only after a quadruple heart bypass.

I left her there at 9pm last night, having made a 40 minute round journey home to collect an overnight bag for her, and got home via Pizza Go Go at about ten.

Fortunately she was fine and released today, and looks bright and breezy now. I didn’t feel overly worried about her while she was in, figuring that she was in the best place, and truth be known it was nice having the place to myself, not that it was under the nicest of circumstances, but judging by how tired I am now, I think my body was stressing in it’s own way.

The kids come to stay for a week on Friday. I just hope that the extra pressure doesn’t cause any more problems in mum.

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