I’ve done it. Finally. I’ve sent the amended script back off to the BBC.

I asked Marina to give it a once over and for her comments. She picked up a couple of spelling errors, told me to change the names of people as it was based on real life and said that she found it very funny. I was hoping for something a little more critical perhaps, but I took her advice on board, made the changes and sent the script off. The only thing putting me off is that on the BBC website it says that they don’t look at resubmitted work, which I only just noticed as I was looking for the address. The original script was sent off in Feb 2008, and they reckon they keep records of everything but I have sent it off nonetheless.

I’ve also emailed a guy called Tony who I know through a West Ham website who has written a few dramas for the BBC and ITV, and he has given me some advice on what to do next. The idea now is to send it off to as many people as possible and hope that someone finds it decent enough. Well, i assume that’s what I do next. I’ve emailed Tony and asked whether that’s the done thing, or whether I should send it to one company at a time, but we’ll see. There’s a yearly book published called Writers & Artists Yearbook which gives agents names and addresses which I can send it off to. The new book is published in 2 weeks, but I may just go to the library and take this years edition and see what I can get.

Wish me luck!

[Edited to add Marina’s comments on the script, which I’m keeping here for posterity:

I could only find but a few mistakes.. and nothing really that great deal to be fair. You had me pissing myself quite a bit!!!

However… as there is always however. I can picture the scene. I can picture the people and all the visionary stuff. I can see it being a very funny ‘conversation’. But I do see it being a BBC2 scetch… and that isn’t meant to sound bad. But just from it I am visualising certain sketches I have seen there and on channel four of similar vein. I don’t know if it is ‘exciting’ enough as it is for mainstream channels. Not that it isn’t funny.. as I said you had me pissing myself. But I am unsure if it is an attention grabber show or a peep show into someone’s converstaion where it could be perecived as eves dropping.. which by all intents and purposes could be your whole ethos with it. If so you have done it very well. As with ‘peep’ show… I’d put it along similar lines.. (that is meant as a WELL DONE DANNY :-))

I like it. I think you are very funny when you want to be. But you may want to change all names.. and possibly locations also. However locations are unimportant really as it is dependant upon where it would be filmed.

Hope this analysis is alright? Red coloured writings are the only ‘faults’ I could see. Althugh through a couple of laughter tears I may have missed one or two. xx]

Good feedback thankfully, and the whole script was written with BBC 2 in mind in all honesty, so I’m happy with that!

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