Radio One had a little quiz on the breakfast show this morning based on football. It was done between Comedy Dave, who is an Everton fan, and Carrie, who supports Chelsea, and was done as a build up to the two teams meeting in the FA Cup Final this coming weekend.

The feature was called “Who Am I?” and contained five clues per player, starting off with hard clues and getting easier.

The first player I didn’t get. The clues were that he had brown hair, was 5’8″ tall, went to school in Wales and a couple of other clues. The answer was Michael Owen.

Given that I’d failed to get the first answer (I’d steadfastly stuck by my guess of Shaun Wright Phillips even when it became obvious that it was a wrong answer), I didn’t think I’d do well at all.

The next one started with the clue “I have long legs” Straight away I said Peter Crouch, which was right. A fairly obvious clue though, given his lanky frame, so I wasn’t feeling too smug.

I managed to surpass myself on a couple of the answers though. One clue was “born in June 1978” which I correctly guessed as Frank Lampard, and another which began “my middle name is Gavin” which I correctly guessed as Rio Ferdinand.

Not sure why I’m blogging about this as it’s equally impressive and very sad. I guess I’m just at a loss about what to write about today.

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