You have a time machine. You can only make one journey in it, after which it becomes unusable. Where do you go? Backwards or forwards?

Historically there’s so much I’d like to have seen. Events like Queen at Wembley (Freddie Mercury’s finest performance), or the World Cup Final in 1966. But there are one offs.

I’d love to see London during the war and experience the togetherness that living through the Blitz caused, but I’d want to be able to witness that in safety, knowing I could leave whenever I wanted.

Going back further, how about the Middle Ages, seeing and smelling London just before the Great Fire, seeing the effects of the Plague, and seeing how it really was for Londoners at the time.

I’ve always wondered how London grew from a small town with one bridge across the river to what it is now. Maybe visiting Roman times to see would be fascinating, though I’d struggle with whatever Olde English / Latin dialect was being spoken.

Or perhaps I’d go back and find out what happened in the Dark Ages that we know so little about.

I’d steer clear of dinosaurs, that’s for sure. A little curiousity isn’t enough to warrant being stuck there for all that time.

Or perhaps I’d go back just under two thousand years and see how Jesus Christ interacted with people.

Or find out once and for all just how they managed to build Stonehenge, which has mystifyed people for thousands of years.

But in all honesty, if I had one trip, just one, I’d go forward. Fifty years. Maybe a hundred. Far enough to see huge changes. Regular space flights. New technology. Maybe even an era of world wide peace.

I think I’d even risk going forward in spite of the uncertainties. Would there be a future to go forward to? Would I recognise anywhere I went? Would I resent not knowing what was ahead of us like I would if I went back?

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