My favourite seat in Costa (if you’re reading this and you’re surprised that I have a favourite seat in a coffee shop, I’d like to stop for a moment and welcome you to the blog. My name is Dan, the kitchen’s over there, and it’s common courtesy to make everyone a cuppa when you make yourself a tea).

My favourite seat in Costa is in the corner of the room. I sit with my back to the wall and can see everything going on in the shop. Outside I can see people coming and going in the shopping centre by looking straight ahead, and by looking right I can see the traffic outside and listen to buses honk their horns as yet another pratt almost steps in front of them.

But the thing that I notice the most is the toilet. It’s about ten feet away from where I am, and has a constant stream of customers and non customers using it.

It has a door that always seems shut. I think that when it’s open, people close it simply because they are walking past and getting to tables and it’s in the way. That means that anyone wanting to use it has to pull on the door to see if it’s locked.

Without fail today, everyone who has tried the door when the toilet is occupied have done the same thing. Pull the door, realise it’s locked, step back, think for a second or two… And then try pulling the door again.

If it didn’t open the first time, why would it open when you try two seconds later? And weirdly, not one of them wait for it to become empty. Again, without fail, rather than sit nearby they seem to either charge out of the shop, or look sheepish and go to queue instead for a coffee.

I really should observe people more often, as I often forget how strange they can be.

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