I’m in a bouncy mood today. Despite being stuck in the office with a shed load of work to be getting on with, I’ve got a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

Maybe it’s the weather. Or the swapping of vaguely naughty texts with someone. Or the caffeine that’s pumping through my veins. I’m pretty sure it won’t last, but I’m enjoying it none the less.

I got home from work yesterday and dug out some old bits and pieces that I’d worked on. There’r quite a bit of stuff there. The sitcom episode I wrote a couple of years ago with Ben. The stand up routine I wrote about four years ago, and even part of a script for another show that I’d forgotten about.

Not that it’s all great stuff. Some of it is cringeworthy. But there’s some volume there. About a hundred pages of text, which surprised me.

I started updating the script I did with Ben. My plan is to make the first five or six pages much funnier, so that it leaves a better impression on whoever reads it. I might even get round to sending it off to more than one company this time.

I’m also battling away with the guitar. The fingers on my left hand hurt where they’ve been pressed against the strings, and I haven’t yet been able to play a chord with any ease, but I’m trying which is the main thing for now.

Anyway, it’s a quick update and I’m now going to be like Tigger and bounce outta here!

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