“So what do you want to achieve this year?”

It was a typical Lisa question. This is Lisa whose mantra is “You’ve got to have a plan!”, and the same woman that carries around a notebook labelled “My wonderful book of lists.”

“I don’t know.” It was a considered response on my part, and one that was a typically Dan reply. “What do you think I should do?”

I know it comes across as a lazy response on my part, but in my defence, Lisa knows me well enough to either be able to answer fully, or to probe me for a decent answer.

“Well… I think you should perhaps try and learn something. Is there anything you want to learn?”

I explained that as much as I love knowing stuff, I’m terrible at actually learning it, as I find it frustrating that I don’t know whatever it is that I want to know. That said, I’ve wanted to learn how to play the guitar for God knows how long.

“Well you can teach yourself how to play the guitar. Connor did.”

Connor is Lisa’s seventeen year old son.

“Hmmm. I guess so. Beardy Ben said last week that he’d teach me when I mentioned it to him.”

“There you go then!” said Lisa encouragingly.

My eyes met hers. “This is the same Ben who texted me on Thursday and asked ‘what are you doing tonight.’, and when I replied straight back with ‘nothing, what about you?’, I didn’t get a reply back. He’s not exactly Mr Reliable.”

“You can always teach yourself… And you should look to get a new job - or become self employed - by the end of the year too.”

That stemmed from an earlier conversation about being bored but comfortable where I was.

“And I think you should date more women.”

“What, at the same time?!”

“Well, no… But try and go out with someone at least every couple of weeks.”

“Are you using ‘go out’ as a euphamism for ‘sleep with’?”

“Not necessarily. But it’d do you good to go out with more people.”

I can’t disagree with any of that really. There’s no argument for not going out more, not looking for a new job or not learning to play the guitar. And no negative aspect to doing some or all of the above.

So I went home, booted up Amazon and bought a guitar. £43 including postage, and it should be here next week.

Whether it gets used is another thing, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Wish me luck!

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