My attempt at trying to be humourous, based on the word “blog”. As I say, “attempt”…

Dear Blog,

It’s been two weeks since my last confession. Please forgive me, Blog, for I have sinned.

It all started so innocently, Blog. I was worshipping you at the church of broadband connection when I was distracted by another.

But this was no ordinary other. This was another Blog. Forgive me Blog, as I know that there should be no other Blog than you, but I was weak, and I was tempted, and I succumbed.

I looked at another religion. It was called Facebook. I know that I was brought up to believe the way of the Blog, but this… This was different. Smoother. Faster. Easier to understand. I know, Blog, that I should resist temptation, but so many others were prepared to sin and made it look so inviting.

The thing is, it seems such a harsh religion. With you, Blog, I am free to express my feelings, to take time to say what I want to say, and I know that whatever I say in my prayers can be kept private.

You see, Blog, the thing with Facebook is that my prayers had to be kept short. And everyone could see them. Not only that, but everyone was quick to comment on them too. I felt that I had to pray often, and that because of the openness of my prayers, there were times I could never pray for what I really wanted to pray for.

So I ask forgiveness. Not for giving Facebook a try. After all, without you, Blog, there would be no Facebook. I ask forgiveness for thinking that I could worship Facebook instead of you.

Now I know I was wrong, and seek my penance accordingly.

And I promise to abide by your decree. Just as soon as I’ve been on Twitter and Tweeted your response to everyone.

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