There are times when I have loads of stuff going on around me but just can’t be bothered to write about it. Other times I want to write but have nothing that catches my interest. Today is definitely the latter.

I’m sitting in Costa opposite a guy and three girls. The blonde girl on the left is quite hot. It’s her fat mate that keeps smiling at me though, which is always the way. I’m guessing she’s only smiling at me as I’ve just opened a packet me crisps. Well back off, Porky, there cheese and onion bad boys are mine and mine alone!

To my left I have a group of what I would guess are students. I say this because their conversation is boring (Oh wow, your surname is Campbell? I knew someone who had that surname once.) and also because one of them is a young white guy with dreadlocks. If that isn’t a giveaway, the fact that he’s sitting in Costa eating a self-prepared packed lunch probably is. It’s people like you, hippy, taking up all the seats that means I can’t hide away in the corner of the store like I normally do. I hope you choke on a crust. Or a dreadlock. Either is fine with me.

Work’s dead today. For the first time in months there are no field calls to do. It’s a strange feeling, as I’m bored. It won’t last though, as there’s a shedload of field calls being signed off to be done any day now. Once that new list is exhausted in a fortnight, there’s a very good chance that the company may close. We’re owned by HSBC, so there’s no immediate danger in that respect as they are probably the best performing of all banks at the mo, and didn’t have to be bailed out by the government. That said, as a seperate company we are losing money hand over fist, and although we will be in a prime position once the recession is over due to the fact that our two biggest rivals are out of the picture (one has closed, the other looks likely to close anytime soon), but HSBC may just decide that enough is enough. The sub-prime market that we work in is a hot potato at the moment, and with the Financial Service Authority doing their best to make sure customers are treated fairly, they’ve basically made things too difficult for us to sell. As an example, we are having to refund hundreds of pounds to individual customers who took Payment Protection Insurance years ago, because the customer claims they were missold. Despite the fact that it would have been explained in full, and the fact that they have signed to say they want the optional cover, we are having to refund money as we didn’t ascertain if they had cover elsewhere.

Imagine being a Sky customer, and then saying to them “thanks for the ten years of viewing that you’ve given me. However, I notice that for the past two years I can view all of the programs online for free, so can you give me my last two years worth of subscription fees back please?” Sky would rightly tell you to fuck off. We’re having to give the money back. Daft.

So the future is in the balance. I’m not overly worried. What will be will be, and I can worry about things when they happen. For now, things are ok. No more, no less, but that’ll do for now.

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