Where does time go? Two weeks since the last update, yet it doesn’t feel anywhere near that long.

The past week I’ve spent in bed. I wish that were as pervy as it sounds, but last Monday I stood up to open a window and felt a crushing blow across the whole right hand side of my back. Fuck knows what happened, but in standing up, my back had gone and I was left in agony.

Thinking at first that it was a short term thing, I carried on with my day, meeting my mate Lisa for coffee and having a general stroll around town. As time wore on, the tablets I had taken started to wear off, so I bid goodbye to Lisa and drove home, popping a couple more tablets when I got there. I can’t remember what they were, but they were some kind of strong painkiller that mum was given for her back, and they had a tendency to make me dizzy, then slightly high, before knocking me out. Brilliant. What I didn’t realise was the effect they’d have when I took my third set a few hours later.

Seeing as booking a table on Mothers Day generally means everywhere is packed, I’d promised to take mum out on Monday. Despite not feeling great, I assured mum I was ok to go, and coupled with the fact I was starving too, I drove us down to the restaurant.

We were served really quickly, and within ten minutes or so I had a big juicy steak in front of me. Two bites later I was full up. Completely full. Even the waitress was concerned that there may have been something wrong with the food, but when I assured her that the food was lovely, I just didn’t feel too good, she commented that I was quite pale.

Fifteen minutes later, we were leaving. Just as we got to the car, I told mum that I needed a quick walk to get some fresh air. That quick walked ended up being five steps before throwing up over a hedge. What a waste of food. And what a crap Mothers Day. I’ve vowed to take mum out again, but basically didn’t leave bed for four days, and it was only yesterday that my back began to feel normal again.

I’m back at work today and wish I hadn’t come back. I’ve got a pile of crap to deal with, and I also need to fix things that were done wrong when I was away. To say I’m not a happy bunny is an understatement. Hopefully there is some positive news coming soon on the work front.

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