I took the kids round to Lisa’s yesterday. Lisa is a friend that I’ve known for about 12 years, but strangely I’ve only ever been round her house a few times, and I think she’s only ever been to mine a couple.

As I walked in, pushing the four kids through the door before me, Lisa’s three year old daughter, Brodie, walked up and said hello. My kids all responded in kind, and did the same when Lisa’s thirteen year old daughter Jordan walked down the stairs.

We’d been invited round to pick up some Christmas presents that Lisa and her husband Steve had bought for the kids. Being naturally disorganised, and with a packed time table, I’d never found the time to swap gifts, so last Monday when I saw Lisa I gave her the Christmas present I’d been holding in the car for six weeks.

“I’ve got the kids stuff in the car, remind me and I’ll get it for you before you leave” “Why don’t I just bring the kids round on Sunday instead, and you can give them directly to the kids?”

Easy. So Sunday afternoon, wondering whether Lisa’s 3 and 13 year olds would get on with my 2, 4, 6 and 8 year olds, we found ourselves chatting over coffee and more or less being left alone as everyone got on famously, which was good.

Brodie came downstairs and started chatting to her mum.

“Have you seen Lion King, Chance?” Lisa asked, before turning to Brodie. “Why don’t you take Chance to your bedroom and show him your Pumbaa?” (which is a character in The Lion King, apparently.

“That’s not something you’ll be so keen to say in fifteen years time, Li’!” I said.

And thankfully, that’s exactly what Brodie chose to do, so for the next few hours we had six kids all playing away nicely with no-one being hurt and no fighting. Rare, but welcome!

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