“I can’t imagine Toad dressing up as a vicar…”

Eggheads. BBC2. It’s a quiz program that pits an ordinary pub quiz team against the Eggheads - an elite team made up of members that have been on various quiz shows and have won God knows how much money on various programs.

I could add this to the list of things that annoy me, I guess.

Part of the brief given to contestants seems to be the need to explain their answer. Here’s the question, here are the three possible answers, what do you think is the right one?

“Well I know it’s not A because he was the Greek God of war, and the question is about Roman Gods…”

It leads to some strange answers, and some weird reasons for choosing said answers. “Well…” (everyone seems to start their answer with the word “Well”, followed by a short pause, as if they have something interesting to say) “… We haven’t had B as an answer yet, so I am going to guess that.” ridiculous.

And then last night, when asked a question about what the character Toad from Wind In The Willows dressed up as to escape someone or other, the Egghead answered: “Well…” (see? They ALL do it ) “I can’t imagine Toad dressing up as a vicar…”

Really? … Really? It’s a made up character. A work of fiction. He could grow wings and fly to the moon and you’d still be misplaced saying “I can’t imagine Toad …” That’s the beauty of fictional characters. They can do anything. Essentially you’re saying that you can accept and understand a giant talking toad, and the various adventures he gets up to, but then have trouble imaging him dressing up? That’s a little bit of a screwed up way of thinking!

Mind you, you’d think I had better stuff to talk about, right?

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