Buying a coffee shop and the Dawn French book

by DannyUK

Buying a coffee shop and the Dawn French book


Is it economical to look into buying a coffee shop just to serve your coffee addiction?

It’s a weird thing to ponder, but I sit in Costa for an hour each day, at varying times, and it’s always busy. Looking around now, there are at least twenty five adults in here drinking coffee. Most of them have food too, and nearly all of them will spend no longer than thirty minutes here. It’s the same if I come in at 10 am or 4 pm. no idea how much a franchise would cost, but you’d have to make money on it, surely? And I’d be able to give myself discounted coffee. Win-win.

They say that the sign of a good book is one that you can’t put down. I bought Dawn French’s autobiography yesterday and started reading it. I’ve brought it along to Costa but so far haven’t picked it up again yet. I’m taking that as a bad sign.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and I did some online shopping a week or two back, and now have a small pile of presents piling up in the back room. There’s not much there for the £150 that’s been spent so far, and if I buy two Nintendo DS systems, which two of the girls have asked for, it’ll be more than double the total spend and still look like next to nothing. Christmas is great, barring the expense. If only I wasn’t competing with Mel as to who can buy the kids affections the most! (tongue is firmly planted in cheek there by the way.)

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