I like to tell people that I’m a fan of learning things. This is true in a way, but is probably best described as being a fan of knowing things. Let’s be honest, learning is a time-expensive pain in the arse.

I try to learn from life experiences too. At work I am always quick to tell the story of the time I applied for a loan, long before I joined the bank, and queried why the APR was so high (a whopping 12.9% if I recall correctly). The response from the phone monkey selling me the loan wasn’t well thought out, nor was it a delicate balance of the features of the loans and the benefits that having the money would provide. No, the reply was “Do you want it or not?” Shocked by the response, I was slightly offended, though summoned up an sharp intake of breath to respond: “Yes please.”

The lesson learnt here was that sometimes being blunt works best. It’s also something I can apply in a practical way at work with customers.

So what have I learnt today? Well, today I have bought and begun reading the new Jonathan Ross book, which he was plugging on Radio One earlier this week. I don’t particularly like the guy, so my lesson is: When (ok, if) I become famous, I must be willing to pimp myself out to make more money. Yay for me and the lessons in life I take on board.

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