The flag with the rats in London. My 6-year-old confuses me.

by DannyUK

My middle daughter, who has just started her first week in top infants, explained to me what she was learning at school the other day. 


The flag with the rats - Roland Rat

The most famous of all of the rats…

“We’re learning about the flag, daddy,” she told me excitedly.

“What flag?” I asked, knowing that schools teach some weird stuff these days and that learning about a flag wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility.

“You know, the one with the rats,”  Aaliyah said this as a statement.  We fell silent for a second or two as my brain tried to work this information out.

“The flag with the rats?”

“Yes… in London…”

It was no good, by this stage I was completely lost.

Knowing that trying to press Aaliyah for more details could end getting the conversation even more confused, I thought back to what her elder sister had been learning about the year before.  Then it suddenly dawned on me.

“Do you mean the plague?”

“Yes, daddy!” she said, almost exasperated, “The plague with the rats, in London…”

Of course.  How silly of me not to realise sooner!

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