Google launched their own browser last week, in part of their ongoing quest to rule the world.  

Seeing as I reformatted the hard drive a few days before, I decided to give up on my beloved Opera browser and try out Chrome instead. 

So far it’s been pretty good.  It’s stable and doesn’t crash often like Opera tends to do if you have a click-frenzy on any of the pages.  And when Chrome DOES crash, it only crashes one tab in a browser, so you can close it and continue working with everything else with no problems.

What it lacks is some form of password manager, which was the main thing I used Opera for, as well as (surprisingly, I thought), an RSS reader.  However, Chrome has been made open-source, so hopefully the RSS reader will be an add-on that gets designed soon, as searching for comments online seems to show that it’s something a lot of people are missing.

One thing that not many people seem to have picked up on is the automatic search.  Say, for example, I want to get to the News Of The World website (it beats buying the damn paper!), I can type in most of the address in the address bar, and it comes up with some recommendations.  I can then scroll down to the recommendations (ie,, but rather than take me to the site, it takes me to Google, with the first entry in Google Search being the NOTW website.  So you click on that and get taken to the NOTW website, but only after you’ve essentially given Google the credit of finding it.  Therefore, their search ratings are higher. Clever on Google’s part, but for some reason it jars with me slightly.

Chrome’s other let down is Bookmarks.  I can’t put my finger on it, but where you expect bookmarking to be easy and accessible in a browser, Chrome just feels… well… awkward.

It’s still a thumbs up from me though.

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