“Why do you want a circumcision?”

by DannyUK

It’s a question that implies you’ve not thought through all of your options. “Why do you want a circumcision?”. As though people have it done for the sake of it.


I answered, naturally, but it still left me confused. Anyway, before I bang on about getting the snip more at the bottom of this post, a quick and boring update.

I have the day off of work today, as it’s my weekend off and our weekends encompass Mondays.

So, am I being productive? No, not at all. I’m sitting around in a pair of jeans, making sure that the three youngest kids, who are all at home recovering from chickenpox, are being good. You wouldn’t know to hear them playing that anything was wrong, but they are all spotty and look like they have the plague, so we’re keeping them housebound.

West Ham played Spurs yesterday, and despite my insistence to myself that I didn’t care if we lost, as long as we played with some spirit, I’m feeling down about the fact that we led 2-0, and also led 3-2 with 5 minutes left, only to lose 4-3. Annoying, but that’s West Ham for you.

I don’t know of any West Ham fan that expects to survive now. The fact that we also have the possibility of points deductions hanging over our heads due to the supposed wrong-doings with the transfers of Tevez and Mascherano, I fully expect us to be playing in the Championship next year. Hopefully we’ll shed those who have cost us dear this term (Reo-Coker, in particular), and retain people like Ashton, Tevez, Green and Noble. It’s unlikely, especially as the first two are world class, but now we have a chairman with some money, I can’t see why we can’t dig our heels in and demand that our players stay. Maybe I’m just naive to think that?

Last night I took mum out for an early Mother’s Day meal, as I’m supposed to be out with a friend in a couple of weeks time. We had a great Indian meal in town, followed by a few beers at the local pub, where we spent more in the quiz machine than we did behind the bar. I wasn’t drunk, but I certainly have the sluggish feeling that normally comes with a hangover.

I’ve only got one day at work this week, which is tomorrow, as on Wednesday I’m having the circumcision. I’ve ended up having it done through BUPA, fully paid for by work. When I called BUPA up to see if I was covered, I had to go through the details of what was being done to ensure I was covered.

“What’s the reason for having the surgery done?” they asked.


“Why do you want a circumcision?”

“Well I’m not doing it as a fashion statement.” I answered.

“Shall I put ‘medical reasons’ then?”

I tell you, there’s no flies on these guys.

After the knob-hacking is over, I have the choice to either stay overnight or leave the same day. The idea of staying overnight and not having the kids jump all over my soon-to-be-even-more-delicate bits does appeal, but I’d also miss home, so I’ll probably wait until the day to decide.

Apart from that, very little is going on, hence the lack of an update on the blog.


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