How many inches in a foot?

by DannyUK

The Critical Illness policies that we sell at work are fairly simple. If you contract one of nine different critical illnesses and have it for a month or more, you get paid the total sum that you are insured for. Never once did I think it would lead me to ask the question “how many inches in a foot?”


The price of a critical illness policy is dependent on the customer. An 18-year-old non-smoker will pay far less than a fifty-year-old smoker, simply due to the fact that statistically they are less likely to get an illness.

In order to set up a policy for a customer, we need some basic details from them, namely their height and weight. We already their other details, such as age, name and address, from the system.

How many inches in a foot?  Twelve.  Unless you're Subway. Taken from an article on Original imagine from, with thanks.

How many inches in a foot? Twelve. Unless you’re Subway.

GV sold a customer a critical illness policy last night. Once the customer had gone, I checked the documents had been signed correctly.

In the weight column, GV had entered 12st. Fairly normal. For the customer’s height, she’d written 5’ 12”.

“That height can’t be right,” I said.

“Well, the customer told me it.” GV protested.

“What, 5’ 12”?” GV’s eyes glazed over slightly, and she couldn’t see what I was hinting at. “How many inches in a foot, GV?”

“Twel… oh.”


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