Red Bleach 


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Happy New Year!

We have a habit in the house of not flushing the toilet during the night if we have done a wee. This is because invariably the sound of a flushing toilet is enough to wake the heaviest of sleeping babies.

Past experience has shown us that leaving wee-wee in a toilet overnight leads to staining under the water line. It’s easily solved by having bleach down the toilet, such as the Bloo blocks that change the water to a blue colour and give off a bleachy smell every time you flush.

When Mel gave birth to our son in July by Caesarean section, she opted to be sterilised at the same time. Ever since then her periods have been far heavier. (Apologies to anyone eating their dinner as they read this. Especially those eating black pudding!)

Mel was in the kitchen a few mornings ago, having been woken up by the cramps that plague her once a month. Middle daughter came downstairs and her first words to Mel were “Good morning mummy. I like the new red bleach we have in the toilet.”

The decision has now been made for the toilet to be flushed for approximately one week of the month, regardless of who it wakes.

by DannyUK


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