The excitement starts in July. You wait the rest of the year for it to happen, counting down the days until the big day is here. The kids are restless, the adults, although looking forward to it, just want to get it out of the way. Now, at last, we are very close.

No, not Christmas, the house move. Yep, since putting the offer in back in July, the house move process has dragged and dragged, for various reasons. We found out about 3 weeks ago that pre-Christmas move wasn’t going to happen, and it got to the point where Mel and I doubted it would go through at all.

Then, yesterday, out of nowhere, we got a call from the seller, who we exchanged numbers with when we looked around the house for the second time. Apparantly she is now all ready to go and was calling us direct partly because neither we nor her trust the estate agent to do their jobs properly, and also to speed up the process. She said that she was just about finished at her end, and her solicitor had told her that the main thing outstanding now was the satisfaction of a condition for our new mortgage, which we sorted out a couple of weeks ago. In fact, we are just waiting for the mortgage company to get a copy of the valuation and survey through to our solicitor and that should be everything.

So what does this mean? Well, Mrs Lawrence, the lady we are buying from, wanted to move on 29th December! (This year, you cynics!) This couldn’t be done due to various solicitors being closed, so we are now looking at 5th Jan, which seems to be agreeable across the chain. So I could be moved in less than 3 weeks. Yay!

I went to the Lodge of Instruction last night, which is a fortnightly mason thing where we get together to practice various bits and pieces, and is generally used as an excuse for a drink or two. While I was there I was given a card by one of the guys called Neil. “To Danny, Merry Christmas, from Rachel, Neil and Charlotte.” It was followed by a squiggle underneath.

“Neil, what’s this mate?” I asked, pointing to the squiggle.
“Im not sure – my wife wrote all the cards out,” he replied honestly, “let me have a look.”
Neil took the card and smiled.
“Ahh, my wife is a Christian – sometimes too much so. The card says SJLY.” He traced the letters as he said them aloud. The quizzical look on my face must have said it all, as Neil answered my unspoken question:
“Smile. Jesus Loves You!”.

I’m not sure what the correct response to that is, socially. Perhaps it wasn’t what I said:
“Oh. Well… I hope he knows I love him too!” CaffeinatedDan footer

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