Christmas cards

What is it with me and Christmas cards this year?

I hate Christmas cards anyway. With four kids, every single card takes forever to write, as I insist that I write down all of the kids names, especially as they are so unusual and in some cases difficult to spell. The cards we receive from others generally get destroyed by the kids, or the dog, or sometimes they all collaborate and take the destruction of cards to a new level.

Most years I can rely on getting a nice card from Mel, and another one from mum, as well as what the kids choose to make / get their mum to buy. These cards general take pride of place, out of reach of the kids, on a mantelpiece or somesuch.

This year is no different. My card from mum, and my card from Mel are sitting on the microwave (following last year’s Under-5 remove-the-cards-from-the-mantelpiece-by-climbing-the-furniture tournament).

Mum’s card was the first to come. Mum has a habit of choosing cards with beautiful words, and this one was no different, saying how much she loved us and wishes us well for the Christmas period. It wasn’t until it had been up a couple of days that I realised the inscription on the front was “To my daughter and son-in-law”. I know mum and Mel have been getting on well recently, but I didn’t think that would lead me to be relegated to an in-law!

A couple of days later, Mel gives me a card, sheepishly mumbling an apology. The card itself was quite nice, but the apology related to her scribblings inside. You see Mel had excelled herself in the card buying department this year. A normal December would see three of four visits to card shops to accommodate those friends selfish enough to have birthdays in December, but Mel had cunningly remembered to buy all of the cards at once.

Alas, Mel’s cunning hadn’t extended to writing out the cards separately from each other, and thus she wrote them consecutively: Her friend, Lauren’s. Her dad’s birthday card. Then my Christmas card. That may explain why my “Merry Christmas Darling” card from Mel starts “to Daddy” instead of “to Danny”. Sadly my suggestion that Mel could call me daddy fell on deaf ears.

I think all I need now is a card from work enclosing my P45, and I’ll have a hattrick!

Lastly, before I go, I have two quick plugs to make. The first if for Michelle, a friend of mine, who blogs regularly. Read it here, the fantastically titled “Predictably Inconsistent” blog -

The second plug is for an online radio station which a friend of mine has set up. It only has one show, from 8pm till 11pm every night, which my mate DJs on. It’s worth a listen if only as he’ll play practically anything you want. If it’s not on the request list, you can email him the details and he’ll play it. I think the record audience so far is 15, which is the reason that practically all requests get played! ETEK Media Online -

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