There’s a distinct lack of mirrors in our house. It’s never worried me and, truth be known, it still doesn’t. However, seeing pictures of yourself when you have a habit of not seeing your own face can come as a shock.

It was haircut time again this week. Why does hair have to grow so quickly? I’m tempted to shave my pubes to see if everything grows at the same rate, but I have a feeling it would screw up Mel’s clippers, so I shan’t. Plus I’d probably need a lawnmower to get through the jungle that overlooks Lazy Lob Land.

Seeing as I forgot last time, this time I decided to do a before and after photo. The results show that when you’re showing off your hair, a straight on head shot is not the best thing to do.

What’s concerning is that in the photos you can’t see my sideburns, yet you CAN see the hair on my shoulders. Yuk. And eldest daughter wonders why I try not to take her swimming too often!

The results also show me what insecurities I have about my looks. Rather than labour on about how ugly I feel (I am, after all, not a girl, and am therefore not allowed to do that), instead I hit on taking the mickey out of myself.

Sooooooo, I present to you 3 pictures. Before the haircut. After the haircut. And what I will look like soon.




… After…


… Soon!

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