Last night’s Ladies Night was fun. I drove there, so stuck at a couple of lagers, but it was a fun atmosphere with half-decent food and good company. For a Masonic event, there was a lot less ceremony than I was expecting, but that’s sometimes a good thing!

I found out last night that at 28, I’m the youngest member of the Lodge. Kevin, who joined a year before me and was also sitting at our table is 31. It seems really weird being one of the eldest at work, and one of the youngest at an event a few hours later. Being the youngest, everyone was surprised to hear that I had four kids, and so the conversation naturally turned to children. Kevin’s girlfriend, who is in her mid twenties was saying that she wasn’t sure she’d be able to cope with the stresses and strains of having a baby, telling us how she wouldn’t know how to hold it, or what to do if it cried. Obviously everyone was quick to jump in with words of advice (bearing in mind the poor girl isn’t pregnant anyway!) when my mum piped up with this nugget:

“I wouldn’t worry about being a new mum, you’d get used to it just like everyone else does. I remember when Dan was new born and I took him out in the pram, I finished shopping and walked home, and only when I got through the front door did I realise that something was missing. It took a second or two longer before I remembered that I’d gone out with a baby and come back with shopping – I’d left Dan outside Boots in his pram!”

I can almost feel the therapy bills mounting… CaffeinatedDan footer

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