Nicknamed Nemo

It’s gonna be a busy day today. Not only is it my team’s turn to work today (and Monday – 1 day weekends? I shit ‘em!), but I’m also out tonight at a Mason’s do – It’s Ladies night, and this year is the first time I’m going.

Keeping up my semi-chav reputation, I’ve had to borrow a tux from someone, as well as a shirt and bow tie. Seriously, it’s embarrassing when a 28 year old guy like myself has to borrow clothes from other people. Fortunately the tux, which Paul dropped round last night (see? I didn’t even have to collect it, and it drives my guilt-complex insane!) fits like a dream.

The one thing you need before a busy day is a decent lie in. So why the Hell my body chose to wake at 6am when, for once, everyone around me is sound asleep – even the normally up-before-six-every-day eldest daughter.

I can’t say I’m too fussed by it though. An early start is nothing new, and I know today at work isn’t going to be ultra-busy, so I’m sure I’ll be fine.

The big news this week is that it looks as though the house move is going to be happening soon. We have a pencilled-in move date of Friday 8th December, we’ve ironed out all the last-minute problems with the mortgage company (who decided at the last minute that they wanted our current mortgage cleared, when previously they had been happy for it to continue while we redecorated the house we’re in now once we had moved), and we are just waiting for the sellers to confirm they are ok to move.

Also this week, the saga of my nan’s house is over. Despite saying that I’d be a little more open in this blog about bits and pieces, I’m not going into detail about nan’s house right now, simply because it would take me forever to write up about it. Suffice to say that a 7-year long legal argument, which was at one stage threatening to go to court, concluded in our favour this week. This means that my mum has now managed to sell nan’s house (nan died in Feb 2005 by the way – We’re not selling it and doing her over!), which completed yesterday, and now mum is paying a huge lump sum towards the new house for Mel and I. Good news all round. If I could only start getting my team to write more loans at work, I’d be as happy as I could be!

Talking of work again, GV was telling us a story a couple of days back. She was saying that her friends are always coming to her with “personal” information, and that she seems to be the agony aunt in her group.

One of her friends came up to her one night and asked her about her “mimsy” (her words, not mine! I don’t suppose girls use the word “cunt” with quite as much aplomb as some of us guys do). Apparently her friend was concerned that her mimsy was different to everyone elses’.

“What do you mean, different?” GV asked.

“Well, it’s just that one lip is smaller than the other – is that normal? Can you check for me?”

So GV checked, and sure enough her friend was right. So what do you think GV did, considering that her friend had confided in her and was obviously concerned with this condition?

Let’s just say that 24 hours later this friend had been given a nickname which has stuck to this day. She’s now called Nemo – Named after the cartoon fish that has one fin smaller than the other.

I think the moral is that you need to make sure your agony aunt isn’t also blessed with a wicked sense of humour!

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